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About us - A new perspective – quality

About us

A new perspective – quality

Quality through consultation, design, production, sampling, measurement and service

We deliver injection moulds ready for series production with initial sample test reports.

Walther Wolf Engraving electrodeInnovation and flexibility

have always been the motivating forces at Walther Wolf.

The craft business founded in 1907 therefore developed into a high-tech company for mould making and measurement technology over the course of decades.

For 50 years now, Walther Wolf has been a specialist for complex and highly precise parts in the free-form surface sector.

Walther Wolf is thus always technologically state of the art for you.

Today, our traditional company for mould making, measurement and engraving technology is headed in the fourth generation by Jochen Dorlöchter as managing partner.

We are pleased to move into and shape the future together with you.


Walther Wolf in short

Founding: 1907

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Employees: 55
Property: 2,644m2
Premises: 1,820m2 (air-conditioned)

Quality  ISO   9001

Environment  ISO 14001

Energy  ISO 50001

Photovoltaic system: Rated capacity: 30 KW
Sales tax ID no. (EC): DE198224250
Commercial register: HR B 16198 Nuremberg
DUNS no.: 316127476 
Specialisation:  Sophisticated moulding tools up to 2.5 t with sampling and initial sample test report
Contract work:

Copper and graphite electrodes
Hard milling

5-axis simultaneous milling
Vertical eroding, wire-cut EDM
Embossing punches
Test reports for series measurements 

Company holiday: between Christmas and New Year
Managing partner: Jochen Dorlöchter

Walther Wolf GmbH - Production plant 26 m Production plant 26 m