Walther Wolf GmbH - we supply embossing dies for your series production
Engraving technology - A new perspective – economic efficiency

Engraving technology

A new perspective – economic efficiency

Economic efficiency through precision and production technology.

We deliver embossing punches for your series production.

Pyrbamide structureIn the embossing punch segment, our focus for the selection of materials is on hardened steels for an especially long service life. Through own developments in the field of production and the process selection, we are in a position to offer our customers service lives longer than those usual on the market.

We have been able to make great progress in the last two years in the producibility of micro-contours.

We would be happy to provide you with further details in a consultation.

Overview of our services

Engravings for embossing punches

Plate embossing punches

Foil embossing punches

Hot embossing punches

Machine punches

Embossing wheels

Wheel punches

Signing punches

Signing wheels

Scale stamps

Engravings for electrodes

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Graphite electrodes

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Writing electrodes

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