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Positioning units - A new perspective – speed

Positioning units

A new perspective – speed

Speed through optimisation of set-up times for tools on vertical injection moulding machines.

We produce individual quick-change systems for tool families.



You have injection moulding tools with insert parts for turntable injection moulding machines and would like to reduce the set-up times for these tools?

We offer you self-developed positioning units in various technology levels in order to minimise the change times for the tools by up to 5 minutes.

To this purpose we can automatically couple all water circuits, hotrunner connections, internal pressure sensors, etc.

On the theme of set-up time optimisation and the reduction of personnel time, we can offer you further developments from our company, such as air cushion technology, quick-release screws, pre-tempering stations, transport logistics and storage systems for injection moulding tools.

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Walther Wolf GmbH - Positioning unit for turntable tools Positioning unit for turntable tools